Sculptor Ron Rocco's powerful outdoor works depict the constant and ever-changing relationship of human beings with nature. His large-scale, site specific pieces are profound and many layered metaphors evoking our endless manipulation of  environment, our need for habitat, and our longing for a meaningful union with nature. The sculptures draw the viewer into a physical exploration which triggers spiritual and intellectual responses to these universal issues. Mr. Rocco has developed a public sculptural language which articulates our artificial separation from nature and our fundamental unity with the natural world. It is a dialogue that enriches and informs both the viewer and our shared spaces.

For Ithaca, New York's Ithaca Festival, Ron Rocco working closely with architects, engineers, and city planners creating Altar, a 30xl5x8 foot matrix of PVC tubing, stainless steel cables, and aluminum fittings suspended five stories above the downtown shopping promenade for the "Celebration Ithaca" arts festival.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Center for Advance Visual Study, Mr. Rocco was part of the team of artists and architects whose plan to develop the 2.5 acre site of a federal buildings complex in Bonn, Germany included the design of a pavilion, lighting elements, and fountain which allowed the unimpeded traffic of thousands of workers.

In 1989 he was commissioned by the ArtGarden Foundation of Amsterdam to create a major work expressing the unique relationship between the Netherlands and the sea. Waterline Project, three sculptures of steel, glass, wood, fiberglas, living vegetation and electric light, juxtaposed the earth, sea, and sky in a vivid, shifting interplay of sightlines and daylight.

Mr. Rocco produced subsequent projects for the Ithaca Festival and the Atlanta Arts Festival.  He has created works in cities including Tempe, Arizona; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Banff, Alberta, Canada; and Berlin, Germany, among others. His sculptures were acquired by the Washington State Arts Council's "Art in Public Places Program" and by the Berlinische Galerie in Berlin, Germany as well as by private collections in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

He has received major sponsorship from foundations including The National Endowment for the Arts, Art Matters, The New York Foundation for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, The Creative and Performing Arts Council of Cornell University and the Netherland-America Foundation.

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