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Private Parts/Rotterdam 1993




Reflections on the return of genocide in Europe.


Private Parts The darkness is mounting upward to overthrow the light. It exerts a disintergrating influence. The inferior forces overcome what was once superior and strong. Under the influence of evil so great, nations once intact soon crumble. Neighbor will destroy neighbor. The danger draws close to one's person. Extreme caution is necessary.
Trophy In this dangerous situation one is without help. The others, from whom one might expect aid, do not act. The threat and intrigues of malevolence undermine any sincere intention to assist. In addition, the actions of friends are confounded by the darkness such that they serve only to bind and restrict the good.
The New World Order Hold firm to the strong creative powers and store them up. Look inward to find light and clarity in a daily renewal. Only through such daily self-renewal can one continue at the height of one's powers. During a period when there is a great storing of energy everything depends on the power of the personality. Individuals must rise to change the world.
Palimpsest One pushes upward into an empty city. All obstructions fall away. Things progress with ease. Unhesitatingly one follows this road, in order to further one's success. Seen from without, everything seems to be in the best of order. However, no sure promise of good fortune is added. It is a question of how long such success can last. But it is wise not to yield to such misgivings, instead the point is to profit by the propitiousness of the time.
Endurance Pushing up in darkness it furthers one to be unremittingly persevering but not in blind impulse, rather one must be conscientious and consistent. What is willed is done. The reason for success is not an earthly but a transcendental one. The favorableness of the conditions comes from the invisible world; we must make the most of them, however, through work. The heaping up of small things is steady, imperceptible progress.
What is it that hears? Pushing upwards in darkness, at the top is decrease and not wealth. When one can no longer distinguish things one must hold fast that perseverance which lies below consciousness, in order not to lose one's way. Decrease combined with sincerity brings good fortune, the instincts must be curbed by restriction. By this decrease of the lower powers of the psyche, the higher aspects of the soul are enriched. When decrease has reached its goal, flowering is sure to begin.
Untitled Disaster Text adapted from a reading of The Book of Changes on November 17, 1992.  

 The art works brought together for the exhibition "Private Parts" presented at Amsterdam's Warehouse Gallery in April 1993, were produced during the artist's residency in Rotterdam, The Netherlands during the period from September 1992 to April 1993.  

 This body of work would not have been possible without the advice and assistance of many individuals in the United States and The Netherlands. Thanks to Reyn van der Lugt and the staff of the Cultural Office at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York, the Druckwerkstatt des BBK in Berlin, Open Atelier of Rotterdam, the Warehouse Gallery and the organizers of the International Studio Program at KUNST & COMPLEX in Rotterdam.

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